Maame Dentaa Amoo

I am the Founder of African Mums in Deutschland. A support group for Black and African women in the DACH Region (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) Our vision is to empower and enable women of African heritage and their families to achieve successful integration and achieve whatever socio-economic goals they have set for themselves.  We do this by providing information, advice, guidance, resources and programmes uniquely tailored to the needs of our community to help lift the barriers they face on our platforms.

I started creating Facebook groups and support communities as a result of my personal experience here in Germany. I had great difficulty finding information about life and integration in Germany. I was confused overwhelmed and lonely and what was worse was that almost every African woman I met was going through something similar or worse so I decided to create a safe place where we could come together and support each other.

The impact our community has had has been immeasurable we have been able to misinformation about educational and socio-economic opportunities in the DACH Region that impede the progress of our members by providing the correct information and a supportive environment. We are proud that since we started more support groups for women in our demographic using our support system have risen on Facebook. Over 300 members felt inspired to start language courses and apprenticeships between 2019 and 2021. More than 2580 members have called on our helpline to receive help and information on matters such as domestic violence, human rights issues, child welfare related issues and Immigration and legal issues etc.

In addition to this, 100 members have completed our free online language course. Not to mention that many have been able to take away life-changing information from our social media platforms.


I am proud of how far we have come and seeing the lives we have changed is all the motivation I need to keep pushing forward. There is African proverb that says If you want to go far, go together and that is all what building a community is all about, going further together.


  • 1African Mums in Deutschland funded by Facebook, as part of the Community Accelerator Program 2021
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  • 3Impact of diversity awards nominee, Ditgitaltag Award for digitatl togetherness nominee 2022
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