Tina Nafise

Hi I am Tina from Germany. I am the founder and one admin of Healthy Female Fitness with 11.2K members on Facebook. I am a certified group fitness coach, a nurse and have spoken at Facebook webinars held by Facebook about Community building as a Power Admin.

Our group was created to enable every woman around the globe access to free and healthy workouts. To get tips on staying mentally and physically fit without any restrictions on age, origin or wealth. But most importantly to find herself a tribe of positive, supportive, inspiring and empowering women who encourage one another to thrive and become the best versions of themselves.

We practice what we preach, we are open and honest to our members and have reviewed lots of products and programs along the way.

We have helped thousands of women with informational, motivational articles as also with personal support to keep going and achieving their goals. We have created a positive and safe space for our members to connect with others and find friendships and comradery. Our saying is "women empower one another".

We are an official partner of brands like Habit Nest and are being valued for the work we do by the CEO from FitOn.

If you like my achievements in community building please give me a heart ❤️. If you want to connect with me please “Message Me”.

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