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Hi! My name is Hannah Hollander, and I am the Executive Director of an award-winning, U.S. based nonprofit called Speak Your Truth Today. We facilitate one of the largest gender-inclusive domestic violence support groups on Facebook and have had the honor of walking with over 18,000 survivors on their journeys out of abuse. Through our support, we have been able to help about 3 people leave abusive relationships every single week since we began in 2019!

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  • 1Certified Facebook Community Manager
  • 2Certified Domestic Violence Advocate
  • 32021 Outstanding National Nonprofit Award from Domestic Shelters
  • 42021 Outstanding Community Education Award from Domestic Shelters
  • 5Selected out of 14,000 applicants to be a Facebook Community Accelerator participant
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Speak Your Truth Today: Amplifying the Voices of Victims & Survivors of Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We're proud to support Speak Your Truth and support victims suffering from domestic violence.

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Hannah Hollander

Frustrated at the lack of education and awareness surrounding domestic violence and abuse, Hannah Hollander decided to share her story on Facebook and invite her friends and community to support local domestic violence shelters.

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Hannah Hollander Archives

Founder of Speak Your Truth and OC resident, Hannah Hollander shares the important role her community has played to amplify voices of victims and survivors of domestic violence through resources and support, and why we must listen and empower those who otherwise stay silent so they can heal and create a brighter future.

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Speak Your Truth Today - An Inclusive & Empowering Space where Survivors Can Find Their Voice

Hannah Hollander is the founder and executive director of Speak Your Truth Today, a Facebook group of over 18,000 survivors breaking the silence around domestic violence. I remember going into the notes app...

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Meet our Founder - Hannah Hollander

Listen to this episode from Share Your Truth LIVE on Spotify. Get to know our Founder and Executive Director, Hannah Hollander! She's a true inspiration and advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Creating Speak Your Truth Today has taken peer to peer support to the next level by fostering a global community of survivors who empower each other along their healing journeys. Learn of her story, Speak Your Truth Today's story, and what the current and future goals of the nonprofit are in this episode! SYTT Website Private Facebook Support Group Survivor Spotlights Contact: help@speakyourtruth.today Sign up for RUN the Globe Episode 1 Transcript --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shareyourtruthlive/message

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