Melanie Brummer
South AfricaSouth Africa

Over the years I have seeded more than 100 Facebook Groups and most of them focus on textile dyeing, printing and up-cycling. When I realized the potential of Groups to be powerful engines of social change, I seeded a few more around social causes and ideas that I had along the way. Topics include local regional Groups for the rural area where I live, feminine health and clothing manufacturing in South Africa. Some of my Groups have been more successful than others and it has been interesting to compare so many as I have expanded my ideas outward.

Having so many Groups, I have become proficient at co-creating Teams of volunteers who are inspired to curate the experience in these communities because they care enough about them. They self-organize to look after them without me having to micro-manage them. I also understand how to build systems with clear playbooks that these volunteers use to make autonomous decisions when I am not around.

My largest community is the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective with more than 103000 highly engaged members who encourage and inspire each other by sharing our original project ideas. Our goal in the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective is to shift behavior around how we use and value textiles to reduce textile waste in the landfill by telling stories in a fun and friendly way.


I hope to partner with brands that share this goal and understand why this cause is both important and urgent.

  • 1Presenting live training Rooms at Facebook Communities Summit 2021
  • 2Fellowship Program for Facebook Certified Community Managers
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