Sarika Pramod Dhane

Hi, My name is Sarika Pramod Dhane and I am form Mumbai India .

I have a women exclusive community named “ lek Mahercha katta” , this name is in local language hence helped to connect better with society and having connected more than 342k women’s in community .


Its unique name - Lek means “Daughter , Mahercha word represent “ Parent’s house” and Katta is a “platform to discuss , hence it’s a Parents home for a daughter to discuss all personal challenges with open mind. where she gets all solutions in her favor.


I have started building this community considering my personal challenges in household life , then I realize I am not alone , I could connect with lots of women who are educated like me but stuck in family life hence could not grow personally and financially , then I started connecting with them through this community and it’s become seed to tree in just 3.5 years’ time. As on today this is the one of the biggest women’s exclusive community in India .I got a joint hand of 6 moderators all are housewife and working using a mobile phone to drive community.


Further we have started 7 more communities with different interest of subject like Recipes & Cooking , hobbies , Festival , Medical Help , cultural etc. As on today we have more than 1 .25 lakhs members in rest 7 groups .


We have 3 pages as well with more than 6 lac followers


All community put together having more than 12.00 lakhs members ,And interestingly ,we all 7 housewife women’s manage this form different location of a state and by using mobile phone only.

We do this because we have our own mission and vision to deliver for society ,

Our Vision is to ensure personal, social and economic empowerment of women's and

Mission is to Educating, Encouraging and Empowering women to develop mentally, physically, financially strong in society.

To achieve this objective we have defined and clear roles for each one of us.

by doing this this we equally grow in term of financially , personally and now we have our own identity in society as a “LMK ADMIN “

because of this lots of social organization and media acknowledges our efforts with awards and news articles. we have more than 12 awards in last 2 years .

We come together online as well as offline , Online we do lots of events like Admin Live , Online Exhibitions and shops , Online seminars related to Business development , Self-Development , Health & Safety awareness , Legal and Financial advice .

We do also arrange competition related to Art , Dance, Music , Photo , Recipes & Cooking , Easy, Poem & Writing, India Festival , Cultural Activity Competition , ,

Offline - Gate together , Trip , Annual Events , Fashion Shows ,Exhibitions & Art , Dance , recipes ,singing Competitions

Successful engaged more than 5000 women's to earn from home and become digital women's enterprinuers .

1. More than 3000 women are doing reselling business through our FB network

2. Total 1000 women are doing direct selling of their own product 

3. Business Exehibition help women to sell more earn more 

 Thank You

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  • 1Social Media Influencer Award – Me Pedvidhar Award by Shri shrinivas Patil 2019
  • 2Strong and Inspiring women – by Happy Club – Mumbai 2020
  • 3· Hirkani Gaurav Purskar – by Sphurti Foundation – Mumbai 2020
  • 4· Adarsha Samajsavak –Helping Hand Samaji Sansta – 2020
  • 5Platinum Star Award 2021 - Maharashtra Sajya Marathi Patrakar Sangh and Apla Awaj News Netrork
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