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Hi, I'm Sharae Moore from the United States. I am the admin of 18 groups with 27.6K members. If you like my achievements in community building, please give me a heart ❤️. If you want to connect with me please “Message Me”.

Sharae Moore,CEO/Founder of S.H.E. Trucking - started as a Certified Nursing Assistant to the Trucking Industry Trailblazer for diversity and inclusion. This Legendary driver’s hard work and commitment to fulfilling her childhood dream has inspired others to also pursue a career in the trucking industry. For Sharae, traveling the country as a professional truck driver became her reality in 2014.

Sharae Moore,– established S.H.E. Trucking Apparel in 2016, was the first clothing brand created by and for female truck drivers. Sharae’s trucking apparel is more than a style of fashion, it’s a way for women to feel good in the clothes they’re wearing while expressing confidence in what they do for a living. It’s also a sense of belonging; a sisterhood. The brand is available on SheTrucking.com

S.H.E. Trucking Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501C3 organization and is currently the largest international minority woman-owned and operated transportation brand in the world. Our network includes over 50k professional truck drivers. With years of experience that shows from our Sheek Apparel, CDL Training Program, S.H.E. Trucking Facebook Community and Trucking Company, we set the bar for diversity equality, and inclusion in the transportation industry.

Sharae Moore, CEO of S.H.E. Trucking, LLC has been featured on: CNN Television Network, National Geographic Television, Facebook Community Summit, Blavity, Disney Plus, Uber Freight and more. With our mission to empower men and women who are currently a part of the industry or interested in joining the transportation industry. Learn more about S.H.E. Trucking on our website: www.SheTruckingexpo.com

  • 1CNN- Champion For Change
  • 2White House Advisory Board Member for Women In The Trucking Industry
  • 3REAL Women In Trucking-Trailblazer For Diversity and Inclusion in the trucking industry
  • 4National Trucking Magazine-Industry Legend Driver
  • 5Chattanooga-Micro Business Of The Year
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Champions For Change, Erin Burnett, Sharae Moore, S.H.E. Trucking - CNN Video

Sharae Moore's company, S.H.E. Trucking, trains and encourages women seeking commercial licenses in long-haul trucking. CNN's Erin Burnett is passionate about women's empowerment in business and explores S.H.E. Trucking's most significant impact: the support network among women.

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Truck Star

Bobby visits Chattanooga, Tennessee to meet Sharae, a pioneering female truck driver who empowers and supports other women in the male-dominated trucking industry. Bobby attempts to drive her 18-wheeler semi-truck without damaging any of its fragile cargo – crates of fresh eggs.

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S.H.E. Trucking founder discovers common bond with her father as she pursues a career as a professional truck driver - TheTrucker.com

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — “I can’t change my past, so I decided to change my future.” This statement by Sharae Moore, founder of S.H.E. Trucking, touches a

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Truck driver Sharae Moore helps women take the wheel | Uber Blog

From a clothing line for women drivers to a pioneering mentorship program, Sharae Moore is helping to redefine what it means to be a woman in trucking

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