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Hi I am Nafisa Rahimi from United Kingdom. I am one of the admins of 25 groups with 124.5K members. If you like my achievements in community building please give me a heart ❤️. If you want to connect with me please “Message Me”.

Impact of Muslim Mamas

I am Co-Founder and strategic leader of Muslim Mamas, an online safe space connecting and empowering Muslim mothers, originally founded by Nargis Jahan Uddin in 2011. Muslim Mamas grew from a single Facebook group to a global multi-channel media platform with a collective audience of over a quarter of a million people. We have four additional brands under the Muslim Mamas umbrella broadening our demographics.

Our impact ranges from UK government campaigns to launching new businesses or careers. Providing potentially life-saving information to vulnerable groups with campaigns focussing on fitness and nutrition has a tangible positive impact on the National Health Service. Our mamas’ lives have literally changed as is seen by the regular organic updates. Our engagement rates are over 70% higher than any other social partnerships.

We have a history of  fundraising for various social causes, recently launching our emergency fundraiser which raised £2,500 within a few days to help support vulnerable mamas like Melanie who was stranded abroad during lockdown, struggling for food and shelter. To date, we have raised over £45,000 for charitable causes.


We’ve also been instrumental in supporting businesses that mamas have launched as well as businesses that our mamas seek discounts from demonstrating high consumer impact.

We want to be the ‘go to’ place for all Muslim women sharing authentic experiences and advice globally. We envision a future where our mamas’ voices, needs and experiences are centred in businesses, brands and institutions. In the next two years, we’d love for our digital mums to build Muslim Mamas digital marketing arm and help establish a working membership model on our website’s VIP Lounge. Our long-term plans also include a much-requested meet-up app.

My experience

I joined Muslim Mamas as Co-founder in 2018 after four years of being admin after helping a young family escape from a volatile domestic violence situation, and helping them reesatablish their lives. I have been instrumental in creating, developing and implementing the corporate elements of Muslim Mamas. As the strategic leader, I am representing Muslim Mamas on the Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2021 where I successfully passed the three-stage interview process (amongst thousands of applicants worldwide; 360 million FB communities exist to date!), and am being mentored and trained by Founders Intelligence. I have secured some funding from Global Giving during the process and currently working towards securing further funding in order to scale, build strategic partnerships and achieve long-term sustainability. Muslim Mamas is one of 10 groups from the UK accepted onto the program and one of 131 applicants worldwide across 9 regions. Nafisa represents less than 1% of the selected elite global leaders.

My motivation

I am motivated by a need to represent the under-represented Muslim women’s voices by sharing their stories, by empowering them, by giving them a voice. We need to own these conversations. I founded my podcast Not Another Mum Pod for this very reason. 

I wanted to have honest and candid conversations. We see mainstream media talking about Muslim women FOR Muslim women all the time. I thought, why not grab the mic from them and let us talk about us, our lives, what we go through, first-hand in our own words? Why don’t we start that conversation ourselves and start talking about these issues that our community likes to brush under the carpet and figure out a solution ourselves? If we want our voices heard, we need to be the ones making change ensuring that there are platforms where we can be heard. We have to create these opportunities ourselves, create the impact of dialogue, communicate effectively and be able to empower our audiences to enable positive change from within. 

I am passionate about providing relevant services in order to amplify and empower Muslim women everywhere. My podcasteducationalmedia and business platforms are now all under the Muslim Mamas umbrella.

  • 1Representing less than 1% of 131 global leaders selected, 1/10 in UK for Facebook's Accelerator 2021
  • 2Founded an award winning podcast, Not Another Mum Pod, riding Apple Podcast Charts regularly, no.13 in UK/ 10 in Sweden
  • 3Developed an educational programme in English for ages 4-12, British curriculum and looking to publish
  • 4Made Facebook's list of 2021 inspirational community leaders, 1 of 2 from the UK
  • 5My Pod Gems (biteszie Ramadan lockdown diaries) are now a Permanent Collection of the London of Museum
  • 15groups
  • 124.2Ktotal members