Lucretia Splinters
South AfricaSouth Africa

Hi! I am Lucretia Splinters from Cape Town, South Africa.

I am a community leader, social entrepreneur, virtual consultant and a participant in Facebook's 2021 Community Accelerator Program.

I have founded and run a non-profit organization called See The Change; focused on community development, women empowerment and youth upliftment. I also run a virtual consultancy serving businesses and people in the global market.

My group that I had entered for the 2021 Facebook Accelerator Program is called The Official Ocean View/Slangkop Group. It started out as a discussion forum for the community, in Cape Town, South Africa and through the program I am able to help empower this historically disadvantaged community with activities ranging from food sustainability, arts & culture to safety & security.

I have also recently started the Mitchells Plain Entrepreneurs Hub, that supports and promotes businesses and entrepreneurs in the biggest, predominantly Cape Coloured (Creole) and also historically disadvantaged area in Cape Town, South Africa.

If you like my achievements in community building please give me a heart ❤️. If you want to connect with me please “Message Me”.

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